Room for Reading

In August I will be moving from my humble one-bedroom apartment to a slightly larger townhouse with more room for all of my books. One of the great things about my little place has been the beautiful built-in bookshelves that have housed my collection, though my tomes have long ago spilled out into stacks underneath. In my new abode I won’t have a bookcase so I have started exploring the option of buying bookcases from IKEA. And I’ve also realized that I’ll have room for a little reading nook if I choose. I’ve started looking at pictures on Google images of some cozy reading nooks to use for inspiration and these are some that I especially like:

I love the books arranged face out and the little magazine rack. I'm not crazy about the gray, though.
The proximity to the fire and the arrangement of the chair near a plant and a shawl would be so cozy.
The use of white is refreshing and calming and I like the arrangement next to the window.
The classic country look of this nook is very appealing. The chair looks soft and comfy.

Do you have a special reading area in your home? Do any of the above appeal to you or would you choose something entirely different? I’m excited about creating a space devoted to my books and reading.

6 thoughts on “Room for Reading

    1. I’d like custom built shelves also, Stu! My dad is a phenomenal wood worker and I’d like him to make me some shelves, but I’ll have to wait until he retires.


  1. We got some Billy bookcases for the kids but a more solid Ikea one for us. It’s always exciting moving somewhere new. (we’ve been here for 23 years!)

    I like the reading nook with the fire – for winter and the country house one for summer, if the double doors open out to a lovely garden. I tend to read in the bedroom because I have a good reading light there.


    1. I’ve lived in my apartment for 7 years so it is exciting to move, but also sad for me as I really like the neighborhood I live in and the new place is in an entirely different city. But it will be good!


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