52-52-52 Challenge

Amanda at The Zen Leaf is hosting a 52-52-52 Challenge that starts on Wednesday. The challenge is to read 1 book a week and to lose 1 pound a week, adding up to 52 books read and 52 pounds lost by next June 1. I immediately signed on to the challenge because I need more structure to my reading and I also need to lose a considerable amount of weight. Truth be told, 52 pounds would not be enough weight for me to lose to be within the “healthy” range of the BMI. I’ve had no motivation of late to modify my eating habits or to exercise so I’m hoping that knowing I’m along for the ride with other book lovers will help me out. If you’d like more information about this challenge you can visit Amanda’s blog. I’ll occasionally post updates on my progress.

I’m also going to be participating in Karen’s Paris in July event. During the whole month of July I’ll read French literature and maybe watch some French films and cook a French recipe or two. I’m looking forward to it!

Are you participating in any challenges?

4 thoughts on “52-52-52 Challenge

  1. Hey,

    This sounds like exactly what I need to do.

    Uhm, I think 52 pounds would be a bit too much for me, but I need to lose about 24.
    And reading books always helps!

    Have you ever tried myfitnesspal.com ?

    It’s great and it really helps!


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