Ice Cold by Tess Gerritsen

A co-worker and I are doing a genre study together – reading books from genres neither of us is particularly drawn to and then discussing them over lunch. This month we’re reading thrillers and since I’ve wanted to try Tess Gerritsen for a while, this seemed like the perfect time to pick up her latest.

Ice Cold is the eighth medical thriller Gerritsen has published that features Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles, a police detective and medical examiner who live and work in Boston. This episode, however, takes place in the wintry mountains of Wyoming and centers on Maura who is attending a medical conference in Jackson Hole. Unhappy in love and looking for distraction she decides to accompany a colleague and his friends skiing when the conference ends. On their way to the ski resort they get lost and their vehicle becomes stuck in a ditch. They hike their way down into a valley and happen onto a deserted village. While waiting for rescue they realize that something is terribly wrong in the village and soon Jane gets word back in Boston that Maura and her friends have died in a horrific car accident.

When Jane arrives in Wyoming to identify Maura’s body she discovers that Maura is most likely still alive and there is collusion between the local police force and a nearby polygamist group. Could Maura’s disappearance be linked to the cult?

I sincerely enjoyed this crisply written and successfully suspenseful novel. Gerritsen is a pro at creating snappy dialogue, intriguing characters and a shocking and twisty plot. I can see why she is so beloved by readers and I was certainly tempted to become a fan myself. If it weren’t for my dislike of series (with a few exceptions) I would embark on reading all of the novels. For now, though, I think I will savor my brief experience with Gerritsen and recommend her without reservation.

2 thoughts on “Ice Cold by Tess Gerritsen

  1. Hi Kinga, I saw your response to another blog I was reading and clicked over to your blog which I find hilarious and refreshing. I love your reviews!


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